This Just Might Be The Best Real Estate Investment Ever!
And it’s not condos, timeshares, fixer-uppers, or rental properties –– It’s real estate companies.

There is a newly emerging opportunity in the real estate marketplace...
Consider this: If a person had to be a professional handyman and bill collector to own an apartment building, ordinary investors would not be able to enjoy the passive incomes derived from owning rental units.

But we all know that income-producing property owners routinely hire third-party professional management companies to handle the day-to-day operations of their rental units.

Building on this principle and for as little as $5,000, passive investors with no background in real estate can easily acquire ownership interests in real estate brokerage businesses (just like owners of rental properties) and potentially earn double-digit annual returns – even during a market downturn.

We are Realty Office Business Brokers and we specialize in the purchase and sale of ordinary real estate  brokerage businesses. Our niche is helping anyone with investment capital to buy an ownership interest in a profitable real estate business. During market downturns, real estate brokerages still earn a profit (commission) whether property values are rising or falling –– now you can too!

The mechanism we use is called a "TREBB," acronym for "Turn-key Real Estate Brokerage Business." Through an affiliated management company, we take ordinary "mom & pop" real estate brokerage businesses – the kind that would help you buy or sell your home – and apply professional management principles and modern technology services to transform these "mom & pop" real estate brokerage businesses into predictably profitable, money-making machines.*

TREBBs are owned by passive investors but managed by a third-party professional management company.

To better understand what it is and how it works, it helps to know how this opportunity for passive investors came about.

It was invented in 2008 by a 22-year veteran real estate entrepreneur whose background since 1986 included working as an agent, a broker, a top producer, and an inventor of real estate marketing ideas. He served as a recruiter, trainer, and co-manager for a Century 21 office using his marketing tools to help guide them to profitability through the recession of the early 1990's. Over the years he kept inventing new concepts and ideas to help agents perform at higher levels. He tested these ideas personally in the field as a producer, and by letting other agents try them.

In 2005, shortly after his best year when he singlehandedly sold and closed 126 homes (against an industry average of 10 sales per year), he decided to once again redirect his experience and efforts to “management”.

Real estate firms routinely hire a manager to oversee an office full of agents and pay them a fixed salary plus incentive bonuses based on profits. Now a growing number of owners are approaching retirement age and more owners than usual will look to hire a "manager" to run things. But most applicants for these manager jobs are often “good agents” looking to step up to management, who are largely untrained and ill-equipped to be professional real estate brokerage business managers. Qualified managers will be in short supply. 

"TIM" is at the core of TREBB and it addresses the coming demand
for trained managers. TIM is more than just an on-site manager.
It’s a complete system. It's what a good broker-manager ought to be.

And by hiring TIM – brokerage owners also get a professional MANAGEMENT TEAM, which includes a professional recruiter, a professional trainer, a back office administrative support staff and more. Hiring TIM to run your real estate business is like hiring “Verizon” to handle your communications needs… you get a whole network of professionals. Read "TIM's" resume to learn more.

Another trend is that broker-owners, all 170,000 of them, will someday want to retire and sell their businesses. So this veteran real estate entrepreneur borrowed and adapted the concept of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan ("ESOP") to create a way for anyone, even those without a real estate license or sales background, to own a realty company, or a piece of one.

By converting their business into smaller, affordable ownership units and selling them to their employees, agents, past clients, and passive investors, brokerage owners could begin their transition towards retirement. They could even retain some units for themselves, kids or grandkids.

Thus, by combining third-party professional management and fractional ownership by passive investors, the “Turn-key Real Estate Brokerage Business” (TREBB) model was born.

With third-party management services now available, the prerequisite of a real estate broker's license and prior real estate sales experience is removed. This increases the liquidity of a real estate brokerage business because it greatly broadens the base of potential buyers of any real estate business.

For investors this creates a lucrative passive income opportunity. This paradigm-shifting approach to the  ownership of a real estate brokerage business that runs like a well-oiled "machine" means that, anyone with capital to invest – as little as $5,000 can realize impressive annual returns, regardless of whether home values are rising or falling, and build an asset that is saleable down the road.

Because every TREBB office is professionally managed by "TIM," and adheres to a universal accounting and profit distribution system –– any TREBB model office becomes a potential investment for passive investors.

For existing owners, a unique aspect of converting their company to the TREBB model is that it permits them to divide their business into partial ownership units with each unit earning a portion of profits. This allows owners to sell a few units, or as many units as they want, up to the limit of their ownership. Units can be sold to employees or private individuals who like the idea of diversifying their portfolio and earning high returns during any type of housing market.

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